MD Girlfriends Experience Fibroids: Surgery or Nah Part II - The MD Girlfriends Experience

Episode 10

Fibroids: Surgery or Nah Part II

Published on: 9th June, 2023

The decision to proceed with surgery for fibroids can be a tough one and this episode we give advice on how to know when it is time to remove your fibroids. In addition to discussing the different approaches to fibroid removal surgeries we highlight how to navigate the question of myomectomy or hysterectomy. Treatments alternative to surgery are discussed as well, especially some new drugs and procedures that are available. Finally we shout out the amazing MD Girlfriends we know who are performing fibroid surgeries around the country:

Dr. Nyia Noel (Massachusetts)

Dr. Khara Simpson (Maryland)

Dr. Soyini Hawkins (Georgia)

Dr. Tiffanny Jones (Texas)

Dr. Jessica Shepherd (Illinois)

Dr. Alyson Grant (New York)

Dr. Sudhi Trye McKen (New York

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