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Episode 6

The Black Fertility Myth

Published on: 29th March, 2023

For hundreds of year, Black women have been thought to be more fertile compared to other women. It is just another vestige of slavery that can impact how long it takes for us to receive fertility care or think we can wait forever to start our families. Listen as we decolonize the myth and also educate on the different types of female infertility.

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The MD Girlfriends Experience is a podcast of two doctor girlfriends, Dr. Joy Cooper & Dr. Tia Jackson-Bey, who want to share their wealth of knowledge in women's health with the world. At the MD Girlfriends Experience, we don't have patients; we have girlfriends. That is how dearly we think of those we care for and how we address them here. Listen if you want the tea on all things healthy and fabulous as it relates especially to Black women.